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These types of bearings are very resourceful. They have a simple design, require very less maintenance and they are appropriate for very high speeds. Deep groove ball bearings have low vibration, friction and noise which allows the very high speeds of rotation. They are available in various sizes and designs because they are most widely used bearings.

Types of Deep Groove Ball Bearings:

  • Single row deep groove ball bearing
  • Capped single row deep groove ball bearing
  • ICOS oil sealed bearing units.
  • Single row deep groove ball bearing + snap ring groove
  • Single row deep groove ball bearing + snap ring and shields
  • Stainless steel deep groove ball bearing
  • Capped stainless steel deep groove ball bearing
  • Single row deep groove ball bearing + filling slots
  • Single row deep groove ball bearing + filling slots + snap ring
  • Double row deep groove ball bearing.



Also called Insert Bearings are based mainly on series 62 & 63 of sealed deep grove ball bearings. Y-bearing are convex shaped on the outside and an extended inner ring. You may need to use variant locking devices for faster and easier mounting onto the shaft. The series usually differs depending on the way the bearing will be locked onto the shaft, for example with:

  • Y-bearing + grub screws(set)
  • Y-bearing + eccentric locking collar
  • Y-bearing + SKF Concentra locking technology
  • Y-bearing + adapter sleeve
  • Y-bearing + interference shift



These types of bearings have raceways in the outer and inner rings that are displaced in the direction of bearing axis. This means that they can accommodate combined loads i.e. radial and axial loads. The axial load carrying capacity of angular contact ball bearings increases with increasing contact angle. Contact angle is defined as the angle between the line joining the points of contact of the ball and raceways in the radial plane along which the load will be transmitted from one raceway to another and  a line perpendicular to the bearing axis. Most common designs are:

  • Single row angular contact ball bearings
  • Double row angular contact ball bearings
  • Four-point angular contact ball bearings.



These have 2 rows of balls and a common sphered raceway in the outer ring. They are insensitive to angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing. Very little friction is generated which allows then to run cool even at high speeds. Self aligning ball bearings are available in several designs:

  • Basic design bearings
  • Bearings with an extended inner ring
  • Sealed bearings.



Caged bearings can serve heavy radial loads, higher speeds and quick accelerations. SKF ‘s high-capacity cylindrical roller bearing can combine the high load carrying capacity with a full complement bearing together with the high speed capability of the bearing with a cage.



These are bearings with cylindrical rollers, small in diameter and are relative to their length. The ends of the rollers are slightly adjusted to modify the line of contact between the raceways and rollers. This enables the bearing to last longer. Needle roller bearings have a high load carrying capacity hence making them the best choice for bearing arrangement where radial space is limited. There are a wide range of series, designs and sizes too. Kindly contact us for more information.



Tapered roller bearings have tapered inner and outer ring raceways which are designed to accommodate both the simultaneous acting radial and axial loads. The projection lines of the raceways meet at a common point on the bearing axis to allow rolling with minimal friction.



Spherical roller bearings have 2 rows of rollers i.e. a common sphered outer ring raceway and 2 inner ring raceways inclined to an angle to a bearing axis. This enables the bearing to be self aligning and insensitive to misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing which could have occurred due to shaft deflection. This bearing is also able to withstand heave axial loads in both directions.



CARB bearings are single row bearings with long, slightly barrel-shaped symmetrical rollers. The outer ring has a torus-shaped raceway with a profile radius extending beyond the center of the bearing. These bearings are self-guiding, meaning that they always adopt the position where the load is favorably distributed over the roller length regardless whether the rings are misaligned or axially displaced. CARB Bearings can greatly reduce noise and vibration levels for example in paper machines and fans too. Its ability to distribute loads keeps the friction and heat levels low. Hence, this extends the life of the lubricant together with the bearing.



They are produced as single direction or double direction thrust ball bearing. They accommodate axial loads only and must not radial load. They are separable i.e. housing washer, shaft washer, ball and cage assembly(s) can be mounted separately.



They are designed to accommodate heavy axial loads and shock loads. Must not be suspended to any radial load. The ends of the rollers are relieved slightly to modify the line contact between raceways and rollers which prevents stress peaks at the roller ends to extend bearing service life. Cylindrical roller thrust bearing are very stiff and they require little axial space. These bearings are manufactured with one or two rows.



SKF needle roller thrust bearings are fitted with a form-stable cage to reliably retain and guide a large number of needle rollers. They accommodate heavy axial loads and shock loads. They provide high level of stiffness with minimal axial space. In applications where adjacent components cannot serve as raceways, the assemblies can be combined with bearing washers in different series.



Have specially designed raceways and can accommodate a large number of asymmetrical rollers. The rollers contain optimum conformity with the washer raceways to optimize load distribution along the roller length. Therefore these bearings can operate in very high speeds and can withstand heavy axial loads in one direction and heavy radial loads. The load is transmitted between raceways at an angle to the bearing axis.



They are designed to run on all types of tracks and can be used in conveyor systems, etc. The bearings have a thick-walled outer ring, which enables accommodation of shock loads while reducing distortion and bending stresses. The standard outer ring is beneficial for applications with angular misalignment relative to the track might occur or where edge stress need to be minimized. With the exception of single row cam rollers, track runner bearings are also available with cylindrical outer ring running surface.

Industrial Shaft seals are used to seal the opening between a rotating and a stationary component or between 2 components in relative motion. To be more efficient, they should operate with minimal friction and wear, even under unfavourable conditions. SKF offers a wide variety of designs, materials and excursions with each of them having specific properties making them suitable for a particular application.



Radial Shaft Seals are used  between rotating and stationary machine components or between 2 components in relative motion. They are used in a variety of applications for operational reliability and service life of both machines and equipment.



The design of SKF Mudblock cassette seals has been optimized to provide excellent retention of either grease or oil and maximum protection against liquids and solid contaminants. SKF mudblocks are majorly used in wheel-end applications i.e. front and rear axles of tractors, agriculture machinery, construction equipment, forestry equipment and off-highway trucks.



To seal efficiently, radial shaft seals must run against a smooth, round counterface. SKF offers wear sleeves for heavy industrial applications, LDSLV3 and LDSLV4. Outside contamination particles and polishing friction between a rotating shaft and a seal can, over time result in severe shaft damage. Hence, LDSLV3 and LDSLV4 are recommended for applications where solid contaminants can reach the seals, like in rolling mills, primary metal plants and in chemical and mineral plants.



SKF track pin seals, SKF Trackstar, are specifically designed for oil lubricated track chains in off-highway applications. The seals are installed on the pin that connects a pair of links in the chain. The sealing rings retains the oil between the pin and the brushing and excludes contaminants. SKF Trackstar seals provide several important benefits :

  • Extended service life of the undercarriage
  • Reduces internal bushing and pin wear
  • Easy installation
  • Interchangeability with sealed and lubricated track pin seals



SKF metal face seals type HDDF are designed for use under severe service conditions at relatively low circumferential speeds. They offer reliable protection against solid and liquid contaminants as well as leak-proof retention of lubricants. It is was found to be equally suitable for a range of applications where effective protection is required against sand, soil, mud, water etc. Applications are:

  • Various types of mixers
  • Sand treatment equipment
  • Conveyors and other construction equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Washing equipment
  • Grinding mills and other pulverizing equipment
  • Ore dressing equipment
  • Mining equipment



V-ring seals are unique all-rubber seals for rotating shafts and are used in an extremely wide range of applications. They are usually used as secondary seals to protect primary seals in highly contaminated environments. They are entirely of elastomers without fabric or metal reinforcement and are therefore easy to install. They can be stretched and depending on size, pushed over other components e.g. flanges, pulleys or even housing.



SKF axial clamp seals are designed for large and very large shaft diameters. They are suitable for use as primary seals or as secondary seals in applications where primary seals are subjected to excessive solid or fluid contaminants. They are made of profiled strips of non-reinforced nitrile rubber and are held firmly in position by stainless steel band clamps. They are available for shaft diameters ranging from 150 to 4 600mm (5.9 to 181 in.)


1. Hook Spanner HN series

Skf hook spanners are designed for safe, easy tightening and loosening of lock nuts used to secure and adjust bearings. Exact spanner radius reduces nut damage.


2. Axial lock nut sockets TMFS series

Are designed for safe and easy tightening and loosening of lock nuts. They secure and adjust bearings on tapered journals, adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves.


3. Impact spanners TMFN series

SKF impact spanners are designed for safe and easy tightening on loosening of locknuts used to secure and adjust larger bearings directly on the shaft or with adapter and withdrawal sleeves.


4. Bearing lock nut spanner TMHN 7 series

The THMN 7 set of lock nut spanners are designed for safe and easy tightening and loosening of locknuts used to secure and adjust larger bearings directly on the shaft or with adapter and withdrawal sleeves.


5. Bearing fitting tools TMFT series

Reduces bearing damage through effective mounting. Designed for quick, precise and safe mounting of bearings with bore diameters from 10 to 50mm (0.39 to 2 in). the right combination of sleeves safeguards against mounting forces being transmitted via the rolling elements of the bearing.


6. Combi Kit TMMK 10-30

Comprises of 50 different components designed for quick, precise and safe mounting and dismounting of bearings with a bore diameter between 10 to 30 mm (0.4 – 1.2 in). For mouting, a multi-purpose fitting tool is included suitable for bearings, bushes, seal rings, belt pulleys, etc.

For dismounting, a three-armed pulley is included. The pulley can be used for deep groove ball bearings with an interference fit on both rings or on the outer-ring without a shaft.


7. TMMA puller series: Easy Pull

Equipped with spring-operated arms and safety pin. Ergonomically designed, the spring operated arms enable the user to position the puller behind the component with just one movement of the hand. Exchange of expensive spare parts are avoided with the EasyPull’s unique safety pin which breaks instead of the puller itself, should excessive force be used.


8. Hydraulic TMMA puller series: hydraulic EasyPull

TMMA 8E and TMMA 5E, combine the user friendliness and safety of the mechanical EasyPull with the effortless force generation by integrated hydraulic spindles. The pullers are protected from overload by safety valves built in their hydraulic spindles.


9. Hydraulic EasyPull Set TMMA 8E/SET

This Set offers a unique combination of different items that facilitate safe and effortless dismounting of bearing. The set consists of:

  • Tri-Section pulling plate (TMMS 160) – Fascilitates easy and damage-free dismounting.
  •  Puller Protection blanket (TMMX 350) – Is a transparent material, which increases the user’s safety while dismounting.
  • Durable metal case with special storage facilities for all parts, minimizing the risk of loosing any components.


10. Tri-section pulling plate TMMS series

The plated grip behind the inner ring of the bearing. This prevents the pulling forces from being transmitted through the outer ring and the rolling elements, minimizing the risk of bearing damage. TMMS series consist of 5 different sizes of tri-section pulling plates suitable for shafts with maximum diameter ranging from 50 to 380 mm (2 – 15 in).


11. Standard jaw pullers TMMP series

Versatile two or three arm mechanical pullers help safeguard against damage caused to the bearing or to the bearing seating during dismounting.


12. Reversible jaw puller TMMR F series

These are able to grip on both the outside as well as the inside of a component with equal strength. The TMMR F’s are available as a complete set, TMMR 8 .


13. Heavy duty jaw pullers TMMP series

Powerful self-centering mechanical pullers provide perfect alignment and shaft protection as well as an exceptional grip for medium to large size bearings.


14. Hydraulically – assisted heavy duty jaw pullers TMHP series

SKF hydraulically – assisted pullers TMHP 15, TMHP 30 and TMHP 50 provide new combined forces of puller power and safety. They are also self-centering pullers for the occasions when large forces are inevitable.


15. Hydraulic jaw puller kit TMHP 8

The SKF TMHP 8 is a unique puller kit combination of 3 different arm lengths providing  a maximum of 8 tonnes pulling force. It is designed with a self-locking system.

  • Puller kit with mechanical hydraulic spindle providing 8 tonnes pulling force
  • Self-locking arm system for approved safety.
  • Treated arms for ultimate anti-corrosive properties.
  • Alternative force generators: hydraulic spindle TMHS 8E and hydraulic ram TMHR 8/SET


16. Puller protection blankets TMMX series

Designed for additional safety during dismounting bearings or other components. The TMMX series blankets are simple wrapped around the puller and application after the puller has been placed on the application.


17. Hydraulic puller kit TMHC 108

Is a combined hydraulic hydraulic puller kit consisting of both jaw puller and a strong back puller. Powerful combination kit with upto 8 tonnes hydraulic spindle.

  • Combination hydraulic kit offering 2 puller types
  • Jaw puller reach upto 150mm (6 in)- strong back puller reach upto 270mm (10.6 in)
  • Alternative force generators: hydraulic spindle TMHS 8E and hydraulic ram TMHR 8/SET.


18. Strong back pullers TMBS series

It has a pulling capacity of upto 8 tonnes. It consists of:

  • Puller kit with hydraulic spindle, separator, main rods and 3 pairs of extension rods (TMBS 100 and TMBS 150)
  • Mechanical Puller Kit (TMBS 150)
  • Extreme reach (up to 870mm / 34 in)
  • Shaft diameters (up to 150mm / 6 in)
  • Engages inner bearing ring, ensuring that no forces have to go through raceway and rolling elements which could risk damaging the bearing.
  • Treated parts for proper protection against corrosion
  • Hydraulic ram for effortless dismounting (TMBS 100 and TMBS 150)
  • Strong metal case
  • Alternative force generators: hydraulic spindle TMHS 8E and hydraulic ram TMHR 8/SET.


19 Internal bearing puller kits TMSC series

Ideal for removing bearing from housing that are difficult to reach with conventional pullers. TMSC 6 kit is supplied with 6 different adjustable collects covering bore diameter from 8 to 36mm (0.3 – 1.4 in) and the TMSC 30-60 kit with 3 different collets covering bore diameters from 30 to 60mm (1.2 to 2.4 in)


20. Blind Housing puller kit TMMD 61

Is an excellent bearing puller for removing ball bearings in blind housing. The kit consists of 6 different arm sets and 2 supporting spindles covering 61 different bearings from 10 to 100 mm (0.4  – 4 in) shaft diameters.


21. Bling Housing puller kit TMBP 20

Unique adapter type puller for dismounting ball bearings in blind housings. The cage must be broken apart in order to insert the adapters between the bearing inner and outer raceways.


SCORPIO Induction Heater TMBH 1

This is a portable lightweight heater for heating bearings with an inner diameter ranging from 20 to 100mm (0.8 to 4 in) and a maximum corresponding weight of 4 -5 kg. It is a very quiet process with no magnetization at all. Heater can also heat other components like gears, pulleys, bushings and shrink rings.


Electric hot plate 729659C

It is a professional thermostat controlled bearing heating designed for pre-heating small bearings prior to mounting. The temperature range is between 50 and 200 Degree Celcius.


Small Induction Heater TIH 025

Provides high quality heating power using mechanical timer, but without a temperature control probe and digital display. It has Built-in overheating protection and optimum demagnetization.


Induction Heaters TIH …m series

The induction coil of the SKF heaters is positioned outside the Heater’s housing allowing the bearing to be placed around it. The result is reduced heating time and power consumption upto 80%, saving upto 70% on heating cost. Magnetic temperature probe monitors bearing temperature during heating. Integrated carrying handles provide excellent grip when moving the heaters around.


TIH 210m

The SKF TIH 210m is an extremely efficient large induction heater, suitable for heating bearings weight upto 300kg.

  • One power supply execution ranging from 400V/50Hz to 460V/60Hz. It adjusts its voltage automatically  depending on the power supply.
  • Sliding arm facilitates easy placement and removal of the bearing.
  • Compact, lightWeight, supplied standard with two yokes.


TIH 070m

Heating small to medium size bearings three times faster and twice as cheap. Available in two power executions 230V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz. Supplied standard with 3 yokes and swivel arm is optional.


Induction Heater Trolley TIH T1

Is designed to improve mobility when using SKF induction heaters, especially for larger ones. The trolley has a high carrying capacity of up to 900kg and is fitted with a drawer with an oil resistant mat and 2 adjustable dividers.


Large Induction Heater TIH 240 Series

The heater is designed for heating bearings up to 700 kg and other large metal components up to 300kg. The unit uses state-for-the-art electronics for accurate heating control. It also automates demagnetization.


Aluminium Heating rings TMBR series

Designed for dismounting inner rings of cylindrical roller bearings. They are available for all bearing series of the NU, NJ, NUP series. These are bearings without flanges or with only one flange on the inner ring.


Adjustable Induction heaters EAZ series

The adjustable induction heaters EAZ 80/130 and EAZ 130/170 are used for frequent dismounting of cylindrical bearing inner rings. Covers most cylindrical bearings 65 to 130 mm bore diameter, Avoids shaft and bearing inner ring damage. Fast and reliable bearing removal, with a wide range of power supplies.


Fixed Induction Heaters EAZ series

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are usually used to take up the roll separating forces. Quick roll changes with earing removal in 3 minutes. Increased production time, bearings can be reused and available is different voltage versions.





TMEA 1P/2.5

Easy quick and affordable shaft alignment. 2 measuring units can be attached to the shafts using magnetic brackets or chains. Each of them emits a laser light which is projected on the detector of the other unit.


TMEA 1P/2.5

The main advantage is that you can keep record of the alignment process. A clear and complete printout shows that the machine has been properly aligned within the allowed tolerances. You need to connect it to a thermal printer before the alignment process.



Designed for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas. Industries like petrochemical, gas and pharmaceutical among others can make use of this product. The TMEA 1PEx is supplied with a thermal printer for documenting alignment jobs.


Machinery Shims TMAS series

For accurate vertical machinery alignment, which is an essential element for any alignment process.


General-purpose thermometer ThermoPen TMTP 200

Used in general industries for accurate temperature measurement. Its sturdy flexible probe tip provides effective surface contact for accurate temperature measurement. It is supplied with a belt pouch with belt clip for portability and protection.


Intrinsically Safe ThermoPen TMTP 200Ex

Especially designed for use in explosive hazardous area like underground sections of mines, explosive atmospheres where there is mixture of gases, air and dust, etc.


Dual Channel Digital Thermometer TMDT 1300

High quality dual channel thermometer, equipped with sensitive microprocessor allowing a high degree of temperature measurement accuracy. It can hold max reading and difference between temperature 1 and temperature 2. TMDT 1300 has an analogue output for data logging or use in combination with a temperature recorder.


Non-contact thermometer ThermoLaser TMTL 260

Utilizes advanced class II laser beam for accurate aiming and infrared detector for measuring temperature. Simply aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature on large backlit display.


K-type thermocouple probes

SKF offers 15 probes for use with the SKF digital thermometer TMDT 1300. Kindly contact us for more information.

Typical applications are:

  • Surface measurements
  • Gas and liquid measurements
  • Semi solid materials
  • Clamp for pipe measurements
  • Rotating surface measurements
  • Liquid non-ferrous metal measurements
  • Ambient Temperature measurements
  • Gas measurements – wire probes
  • Heavy duty surface measurements


Multi-functional laser / contact tachometers TMRT series

Pinpoint accuracy combined with measurement versatility. Equipped with laser and contact adaptor, both tachometers offer excellent speed measurement versatility in 5 different modes. The SKF TMRT series includes 2 user-friendly and accurate tachometer utilizing laser or contact for measuring rotational and linear speed: TMRT 1 and TMRT 1Ex.


Electronic Stethoscope TMST2

Detects changes in bearing condition through changes in machine noises and bearing condition. With included headset, 2 different length probes, adjustable sound level facility and a comparative pre recorded demo CD, It becomes an ideal instrument for detecting troublesome machine parts or damaged bearings.


OilCheck monitor TMEH 1

The Oil check detects and measures the dielectric constant of oil. By comparing the readind=gs obtained from used and un-used oils of the same brand, SKF oilCheck can determine the degree of change in the oil condition.


Feeler gauges 729865 series

SKF feeler gauges are designed to measure the internal clearance with adjusting spherical roller bearings. There are 2 available types one with 13 bladed of of 100mm (4in) length and the other with 29blades of 200mm(8in) length.


Vibration Pen CMVP 40 and CMVP 50

A perfect combination for detection of machine and bearing defects. It enables early detection of specific machinery problems and provides more ways to measure changes in machinery condition.


Basic Condition Monitoring Package CMPK series

Check bearing and machine condition quickly and easily. Makes condition monitoring a simple task for maintenance, operations, reliability and vibration analysis departments.


Bearing Analysis Kit

A convenient collection of monitoring tools that no industrial manufacturing plant should be without. Checks bearing and machine condition quickly and easily. Kindly contact us for more information.