Are the world’s largest manufacturer of Water Meters and Solutions. They manufacture high quality Consumer and Bulk Meters for every environment. Their Range includes Rotary Piston, Single Jet, Multi-Jet and Woltmann Meters. They are also market leaders in AMR Solutions which include a GSM/GPRS Datalogging System and RF (Drive-By) data collection systems. CISSL in conjunction with them, we don’t just sell meters we provide SOLUTIONS specific to the clients’ water quality and reticulation systems to enable them reduce Non Revenue Water losses for better efficiency and increase revenues.

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Temetra is Itron’s next-generation mobile meter data collection and management solution, providing you with new ways to optimize your operations and improve customer engagement. With full Itron Mobile integration, Temetra provides you with a complete, cutting-edge mobile data collection package in the cloud.

Temetra Geo-Routing enables the simple creation of more efficient routes. Meter coordinates are stored in the Temetra cloud environment, allowing routes to be created and assigned based on the locations of both meters and meter readers.


» Automate meter reading using drive-by or walk-by and Itron’s
advanced meters and endpoints
» Collect visual reads, water probe reads and other valuable
meter data
» Improve meter reading efficiency with map-assisted meter reading on the mobile device
» Collect and upload meter data in real time
» Securely and easily access, store and manage data through the cloud.
» Quickly assign or reassign work based on meter and meter reader location via Temetra Geo-Routing.
» Increase customer satisfaction and engagement by providing access to meter history via the Customer Web Portal.




Multi-connectivity RF Module for fast drive-by (AMR) and IoT (LoRaWAN/Sigfox) data collection.

The Cyble 5 is a unique solution helping utilities engage in the ongoing digitalization of their water and gas distribution networks. Designed to transform mechanical meters into communication data points, Cyble 5 enables fast drive-by (AMR) and IoT data collection allowing for better billing efficiency. Conceived for agility with its embedded multi-connectivity options, Cyble 5 adapts to complex deployments and evolves with the needs from the field, making it a safe and long-term investment.


  • Designed for field
  • Robust under severe conditions
  • Fine-tuned by decades of industry expertise

Features of Cyble 5

Billing Index & Consumption Data Logging – Daily billing and custom billing functions along with precise consumption data logging up to 15min resolution.

Flow Distribution – Precise monitoring of the distribution flow.

Backflow / Reverse Flow – Detection and quantification of backflow to help assess water quality and/or sanitary risk.

Alerts – Alarms are generated when important events are detected, such as:
» Leakage at customer side (continuous flow)
» Tamper attempt (dismantling)
» Blocked meter (zero consumption)
» Oversize/undersize

Diagnostics – Good system performance ensured via monitoring of:
» Battery level
» Configuration settings
» Clock synchronization in LoRaWAN and wM-Bus


AnyQuest Enhanced Cyble

AnyQuest Enhanced offers the benefits of unprecedented functionalities within a mobile data collection system. Whether your challenge is to reduce non-revenue water, manage water conservation programs, or increase operation efficiency, the versatility of AnyQuest Enhanced functionalities provides you all the necessary tools. This mature technology significantly accelerates meter reading speed and avoids risk of visual reading mistakes. It also largely improves meter readers safety and customer satisfaction – avoiding intrusion in private facilities.


Data-logging – Record consumption within hour/day/week/month interval.

Backflow –  Consumption in reverse direction is detected. Storing the index of total reverse flow consumption.

Leakage detection –  If within 24h permanent flow above leakage flow rate threshold has been detected, the day is counted as a leakage day.

Meter under & over sized indication –  Example configuration for monthly alarm flag.

Volume below & above –  Record total consumption below flow rate threshold 1 and above flow rate threshold 2.

Peak flow – Recording highest flow rate of a selectable interval (day / week / month) 13 monthly flags & 5 highest
peak flow rates are stored (date & time stamped)

Time of use – Record consumption within day period & year season.


BPA (5,7,12 & 50)
Automatic Water Meter Test Bench

The BPA7-2-5 is an automatic calibration test bench for domestic water meters, designed to equip meter assembly lines. The verification principle is based on piston prover technology applied as the measuring device and flow generator. The BPA7-2-5 calibration test bench is made of a double test line enabling the connection of up to 5 water meters in series, including sizes DN15, DN20 and DN25 mm. The test process is performed on one line, while the meters are replaced on the second allowing for maximum productivity. The system control and the recording and processing of measurement values is managed electronically via a computer system (including a central unit, screen, printer and hardware interface). The tests carried out follow a specific test program in dialogue with the operator and includes the routines for process control/ monitoring, measuring data recording/ evaluation and storage, error calculation, and measurement data processing. (printer protocol, editing of error curves, statistics).


Excellence in volumetric water metering

Aquadis+ is a volumetric water meter with piston principle combined with the well-known Itron extra-dry register technology. It is proven long-term performance: with unchanged design and materials of the unique measuring chamber architecture, Aquadis+ maintains high efficiency and maximizes the water volume measured over time.

Product Characteristics

Hermetically Sealed Register (Counter) – Glass lens and copper can register, condensation and water proof, allows permanent readability.

Ready for reliable smart metering –  Allows to create a reliable digital signal enabling smart water metering.

Robust Case – Brass or thermoplastic material. High resistance to pressure

Effective and Easy Maintenance Filter – Designed to contain major particles, easy to clean.

Back-Flow prevention – All in-line body versions are compatible with a non-return spring type valve.

Outstanding Accuracy and Long Term Performance

Enhanced magnetic transmission – Optimize low flow accuracy and aging.


Flodis Composite Single jet

Flodis is single jet turbine type meter, designed to measure cold drinkable water, offering the capability
to measure accurately a wide range of flow rates. Flodis has one of the simplest but highly engineered design, that enables to measure accurately over time from very low flow rates up to peak flows, even in severe environmental conditions.

Features and Benefits

» Accurate over the time
» Wide measuring range
» Patented measuring chamber
» Pre-equipped for communication




Engineered for reliability and built upon 20 years of industry-leading design, Itron’s Flostar M is the best choice for drinking water metering in commercial and industrial applications. It has a wide measuring range, it is simple and effective, very reliable and allows peak flow resistance.

Features $ Benefits

» Very wide dynamic range, MID approved up to R630
» Low flow accuracy
» Peak flow capacity
» Hermetically sealed register (IP68), orientable 360
» Mobile flanges for ease of installation and resizing
» Hermetically sealed register (IP68), orientable 360°
» Flostar M is not affected by flow disturbances generated by the most
commonly seen hydraulic disturbers when they are placed directly upstream of the meter.




Intelis combines last end ultrasonic measurement technology with MBUS open communication to help Water Utilities in revenue protection. With no moving parts, the Intelis allows for protection against unplanned maintenance costs and provides accurate measurement over the entire product life. Integrated AMI offers the benefits of tailored functionalities within fixed collection system. Ecodesign consists of taking the environmental impact of a product into account, over the whole of its lifecycle and in relation to various environmental aspects, while maintaining its functionality. The Intelis was designed to provide our customers with a more environmentally friendly product. A life cycle assessment study was carried out to meet this challenge.











The Multimag Cyble is an excellent multi-jet turbine water meter, ready for automated metering reading (AMR). Following the increasing need of automation in the metering application, Multimag Cyble has been developed in order to provide very good and durable metrology performance combined with fully AMR capabilities.

CYBLE MODULE FIXATION – The Cyble modules are mounted on the top of the register, its fixation is secured trough 4 different points, including a screw that is sealed. That assures reliability and security for AMR.

Anti Fraud 3G System –  It consists in a red ring placed under the cover. The cover can not be disassembled without breaking it, so any tentative of opening the meter, its cover gets broken and the red ring can easily be viewed. That alerts and identifies the fraud attempts.

Magnetic Transmission –  The transmission between the turbine and extra-dry register is achieved by magnetic
coupling ensuring a precise and reliable metering.



Nevos high accuracy performances help you reduce your Non Revenue Water level due to metering inefficiencies. Compliant with regulations for products to use in contact with water intended for human consumption.

Design – Nevos is a piston type water meter. Itron proven measuring chamber technology. New semi-dry register with bigger rollers to facilitate reading. Cover made in strong composite. Meter case made in brass. Compact design reducing tampering. Pre-equipped for AMR communication

Performance – Low starting flow to measure water drops. Class C or R250 wide dynamic range. Long-lasting high accuracy.

Working environment – Water up to 50°C. 16 bars working Pressure. Operates in flooded pits




Battery-powered electromagnetic water meter

SharpFlow is a static battery-powered electromagnetic meter. Available in nominal diameters from DN25 to DN300, it exists in compact or remote-read versions. Its IP68 water-resistance rating level enables it to be installed in flood areas and it can even be buried. SharpFlow is approved for commercial transactions as per European Directive MI-001. Its accuracy of measurement over a wide range of flows complies with European standard specifications ISO/EN and OIML.

By using SharpFlow in distribution systems, up to three times more water can be passed through it than with a standard mechanical counter of the same diameter. Pulse output is directly proportional to the flow-rate for monitoring network behavior. Reverse volume and instantaneous flow values and a “no water” status can be viewed by the complete, customizable display unit. The accuracy of index display can be adjusted to the litre depending on the DN.



Woltex M is a horizontal Woltmann meter available as MID approved in sizes from DN 50 to 300mm. Recognized for its robustness the woltex M range is dedicated to all applications around water distribution where high reliability and accuracy is requested.

Woltex M range is available in various lengths and connections to minimize installation costs. Interchangeable
approved mechanisms allows easy maintenance without re-calibration. Compatible with Itron complete offer for Metering Point Management (Automated Remote Reading, Metering Point Analyzer, Automated Meter Data Collection) Ease of read in the toughest environments (ie: flooded pits) is secured by orientable hermetically sealed register (copper can/ mineral glass envelope). Woltex M is supplied pre-equipped with Cyble Target Allows communication and remote reading through:
» Pulse output (Cyble Sensor)
» M-Bus protocol (Cyble M-Bus)
» Radio frequency wireless link (Cyble RF)