ELASTEC has a core competency in the manufacturing of oil spill recovery equipment. They have control of resource material and the flexibility to manage engineering and production processes too meet and exceed, customer expectations. The product line includes a variety of skimmers, oil containment boom and related accessories for inland and offshore spill incidents. Environmental technologies have also been added to dispose of medical waste and non-hazardous materials, as well as floating barriers to protect our water. Below are just a few of the products they offer.


Designed to operate in shallow or open water conditions. Recognizing that response may require beaching, they are fitted with a bow ramp. These impressive aluminum work boats can typically achieve 30 to 40 knots depending on choice of propulsion options.

These boats are designed for oil spills, municipal and commercial application. Features include heavy-duty davit and which system, tow-post for boom towing and bow door/ramp that allows loading and unloading from the shore.



This is a shallow draft boat system. The 22 ft / 6.7 m long boat has a modified V-hull with a 6 degree deadrise from maximize speed-to-weight performances in choppy or swift waters. Its rectangular straight and sheer shape of the Inlander boat and barge allow them to be harnessed together to form various work and dive platforms.



It is a catamaran style work boat built to provide a stable and safe working platform. The railing and non-slip deck provide an area for working personnel and equipment transportation.  It is suitable for waterway maintenance and marina tasks. This vessel requires minimal upkeep as it has few moving parts and itspropulsion is provided by a single outboard.



It is a quick response skimming vessel that can operate in protected waters i.e. ports, harbors, rivers and inland environments. The system screens debris and entrained solids from the oil, which is then retained on board in recovered oil tanks. The Rapid River Response system consists of kvichak/MARCO Filterbelt vessel, two 0.5m BoomVanes, two 150ft / 46m legs of OptiMax boom and a towable bladder.



Amazing Aluminum work boat offering a wide range of water maintenance and a marina service applications in sheltered waters. A numbers of pods can be attached which can collect floating trash, quay wall and river walk wash down, sanitation pump out, cargo hauling and A-frame winching capabilities.

  • Unique interchangeable pod system allows the vessel to perform many functions
  • No complex hydraulics or moving parts to maintain.
  • Wheeled fenders allow the craft to be driven where trash is most prevalent.
  • Cutaway transoms allow the boat to pull away from the quay walls with ease.
  • Pod system allows items to be loaded directly on the quayside and lifted onto the boat.



Elastec is offering trailers and containers in various sizes and styles for transporting and storing spill response equipment. They can be custom-made and sourced to the users specifications. These trailers can be modified with side doors for full access to equipment or fully enclosed with a ramp/door. Open bed trailers are also available.



Is used to transport heavy equipment on rough terrain and sot ground. Integral hydraulic power allows you to run a drum skimmer with ES400 pump.

  • Payloads upto 3000 kg
  • Power Hydraulic Equipment
  • Tilt Bed
  • Low Ground Footprint



This vehicle is fitted with a diesel engine that has been adapted to operate auxiliary hydraulic equipment. The vehicle can be supplied with tracks, davit, skimmer or submersible pump.



It can easily be deployed from small service vessels i.e. coastal fishing boats, pilot nd work boats for dispersant application on marine oil spills. The 1m BoomVane allows for a wider spray width (2om) than conventional arm systems.



ELASTES NeatSweep is a precision oil spill dispersant application system that provides a large encounter rate for oil spilled on water. This  dispersant pump automatically detects the speed of the towing vessel and self-adjusts the spraying rate according to pre-set parameters. A mixing panel is towed behind the dispersant application zone (DAZ) to help mix the oil spill dispersant with the oil on the Water’s surface.



Is designed for easy installation on tugboats, offshore supply vessels or other various types of vessels. The system contains a Compact diesel engine driven pump for spraying diluted or neat dispersant. Two marine grade aluminum spray arms are mounted on the supporting post and secured by topping wires. Each standard spray arms are mounted on the supporting post and secured by the topping wires. Each standard spray arm will be mounted with five spray nozzles



The ELASTEC Aerostat 3 is portable and lightweight which supports a variety of cameras for real-time surveillance and a variety of aerial photography applications, including oil spill response, security monitoring and environmental monitoring. It incorporates patented wings that stabilize the balloon and give lift. It is delivered with a hand reel holding 200m / 656 feet of a high-standard orange mooring line and ground anchor; the unit can be deployed and retrieved in a matter of minutes.



It employs a unique high temperature resistant core and ceramic fabric components that retain structural integrity from -54 Degree Celsius to more than 1.93 Degree Celsius. It comprises of  stainless steel knitted mesh, ceramic flotation, built-in stainless steel tension cable and covered with sacrificial PVC fabric.

It is used for a protective role ( to keep burning oil away from assets) or for dynamic controller burning operations. It can be packaged in crates, containers, pallets for storage and transport.



It is designed to provide a safe and easy way to start controller burns for oil spill control. Every gallon / 3.8 litre container is preloaded with non-toxic  Safe Start gelling agent to be mixed with diesel fuel.



Is a state-of-the-art inflatable fire boom. It is comprised of 150m boom on a powered reel with integrated air blower, hoses, towing equipment, power pack and two high capacity water pumps. Elastec fire booms have undergone rigorous testing and have outperformed competing systems.


Is a special purpose inflatable oil spill containment boom for use in shallow and calm water environments or to traverse between the beach and the sea. It can also be used in swamp and marsh areas where water levels can rise and fall. It is ideal for making transitions between the shoreline and floating boom.



It is a special purpose lightweight boom used calm waters like swamps, marshes and wetlands, where water levels may fluctuate and cause conventional booms to leak or fail due to grounding.



0.3m & o.5m – Designed for shore-based operations in shallow rivers with water less than 1m. The BoomVane enables boom deployment in fast currents without using boats. They can also be utilized in wide river sweep operations.

1m = Constructed with vertical wings mounted in a rectangular frame. Powered by current, the BoomVane is held by a single mooring line only, swings towards the opposite shore with the oil boom in tow. It is powerful yet light and handy tool, it enables rapid boom deployment and can be operated in waters with heavy traffic since the control rudder allows for fast and effortless system retrieval.

1.5m =  Device to deploy larger floating oil containment boom. It is constructed as a cascade of vertical wings mounted in a rectangular frame. Powered by the current, the BoomVane, held by a single mooring line, swings away from the vessel with the oil boom in tow. This powerful tool enables rapid boom deployment without the use of secondary tow boats.

2m = Designed for coastal and offshore vessel operations towing medium to large oil booms with advancing containment and recovery systems. It enables a single vessel to operate a wide swath sweep with offshore oil booms in various modes and configurations.



Are offered in multiple sizes for small waterways up to large offshore scenarios. Fitted with cylindrical closed cell floatation and galvanized ballast chain, they are offered in a choice of fabrics. Top cable for added strength is optional.



This oil and debris barrier is typically used for deployment in ports and harbors for surrounding vessels or protecting resources.



AirMax is a versatile, inflatable oil containment boom, manufactured from high-quality Urethane fabric. The AirMax range of containment booms are designed for compact storage and quick deployment. The high visibility orange fabric greatly assists mariners and vessel operators to avoid a potential navigational hazard. As an added safety feature, the hot galvanized steel ballast chain is enclosed in a reinforced fabric pocket to prevent entanglements and pinch points for operators. This chain also acts as a tension member for added strength and resistance of towing forces.



Is for single ship operations with an outrigger arm mounted to the ship that holds one end of the sweep open. This system allows for a single vessel to conduct containment operations. It is easier to maintain in the correct configuration once deployed. An oil skimmer can be placed inside the apex of the boom.



The materials have been extensively tested according to ASTM and military standards including puncture and abrasion resistance as well as tear and tensile strength. The construction has 2 piles of polyester reinforcing fabric coated in synthetic rubber with compounds resistant to elements and oil.






Are meant to protect the environment and they can be uses in marine construction, dredging and remediation projects to control slit and sediment in water.



Baffle systems are meant to slower the flow of waste water in treatment lagoons to allow more time for sediment fall out. The floating and underwater tension cables are completely enclosed for strength and wind resistance.


This is a mesh-skirted deflation boom that is designed to prevent Sargassum seaweed and other weeds from reaching commercial beaches.



It features the breakthrough oil skimming technology and it won the challenge by recovering 4670 gallons per minute.

x150 launching system

Combines X150 Grooved Disk Skimmer, power pack, boom reel, hoses and BoomVane and is packaged to fit into a 20ft container for global shipment


Utilizes, the latest grooved Discs patented for recovering oil from the surface of water. The X30 cassette fits into the skimming vessel equipped with side channel collecting chambers and it can be interchanged with a Kvichak/Macro Filterbelt.


Small and lightweight oil skimmer for industrial applications or small inland spill. Powered by 12V DC motor.



Manufactured in HDPE, making it resistant to many chemicals found in industrial pits, sump, separators and Tanks.



Available in pneumatic or hydraulic drive for oil spill response and industrial use. Ideal for cleanup in creeks, rivers and lakes.



Widely used in continuous industrial applications as near shore response. Easily handled by 2 people.



The ELASTEC Magnum 100 Drum Skimmer is suited for larger spills in inland and coastal waters. The four drums provide more stability 1in open water, while an optional Wave Breaker increases the freeboard.



designed to fit inside tanks with small openings. This lightweight skimmer is capable of fitting through a 20 inch / 50 cm hatch in waste oil tanks, sumps or manholes. The pneumatic motor can be operated with a small compressor or plant air. Supplied with an optional air operated diaphragm pump, it can recover a wide range of oils.



large diameter floats to increase the water line beam, which offers responsiveness to wave movements. The high buoyancy-to weight ratio limits drastic changes in draft due to skimmer loading. The unique aluminum frame is constructed to increase the impact resistance and strength of the skimmer.



Offering higher recovery rates within a lightweight and robust design, this skimmer is typically supplied as a system with a diesel hydraulic power pack, hoses and hose reel.



The skimmer has a circular chamber that accumulates and concentrates oil. Internally, the Circus can be fitted with
either a weir or drum for oil removal.


is a floating suction head that can be attached to any suitable suction pump. The suction skimmer head is manufactured in molded polyethylene and can recover light oils or liquids from the water surface. The head has a draft of only 2 inches / 50 mm, enabling it to operate in very shallow water.



Is a self-adjusting weird skimmer. It can be used in a stationary mode or connected to river booms that will funnel oil to the skimmer entrance. The weir automatically adjusts to suction rate.



Filters oil and debris from the water. The water passes through the belt while the oil is scraped into a sump hopper. Debris is manually collected in a separate container. Marco Filterbelts are offered with multiple types of replaceable pads matched to the oil type to be collected. The pads adhere to the belt. Alternatively for heavy oil recovery, just the backing belt is used.


Elastec offers a wide range of hydraulic power packs to operate boom reels, oil skimmers and pumps. Power packs are
available with either diesel or electric drive. We currently manufacture models from 3 hp / 2.2 kW to 100 hp / 74 kW with a choice of hydraulic pumps and controls.

Electric power packs are available with TEFC or explosion-proof motors and starters. Electric power packs can be matched to the electrical requirements of the installation. The new D23S is fully enclosed for sound attenuation in a water-resistant body with swing-up side doors for maintenance access. We also offer ATV tires and tracks for towing in remote locations.



Elastec offers a full range of pumps for use in oil spill and remediation projects plus general duties. Whether you are transferring water, collected oil, or a wide range of liquids, we can provide you with a pump that will fit your needs.



The electrically driven ELASTEC MiniVac is a high-powered system that is skid mounted with fork pockets (optional wheels are available on request) that is designed for industrial locations where a power source is available. The electrically driven MiniVac vacuum system can recover a wide range of liquids, oils and sludge. The vacuum pump quickly generates suction and high airflow, while liquids and solids are recovered into standard oil drums or our hopper device (optional extra.)


The ELASTEC All Terrain Vac is a high powered vacuum system that is mounted on an ATV towable chassis. The unit is ideal for working in remote areas such as beaches, pipelines and industrial locations. The All Terrain Vac can recover a wide range of liquids, oils and sludge  with solids up to 2 inch / 50 mm diameter.


ELASTEC QuickTank is an open liquid storage tank with a rigid aluminum frame that is designed for quick and easy assembly. A choice of fabrics and capacities ranging from 500 gal / 1.89 cu. m to 8,000 gal / 30 cu. m are available.



ELASTEC Pillow Tanks are collapsible containers that provide temporary, as well as long  term, liquid storage. Pillow tanks are a cost-effective option for a variety of liquids including wastewater, fuels, consumables, potable (drinking) water, fruit juices, and oils.



The ELASTEC Deck Tank is erected with custom built legs and secured to the ship’s deck with the ratchet strap system to suitable attachment points. The body of the tank is manufactured in a robust 32 oz. oil and chemical resistant Urethane fabric.



ELASTEC MediBurn is the safe and simple solution for the disposal of municipal and medical waste. An improved control system provides up to 50% more fuel savings. New safety features and multi-lingual displays are important enhancements for global use. The MediBurn destroys up to 110 lb/hr / 50 kg/hr of medical waste and is available in two sizes.
MediBurn is ready to use upon delivery with minimal training. It features easy to operate, state-of-the-art controls, automatic pre-set cycle control for startup and shutdown. Dual chamber combustion with high exhaust temperatures in excess of 1,832ºF / 1,000°C ensure clean burning of materials. MediBurn uses modulating burners and under-air technology to minimize fuel consumption. Simply connect the unit to a 220 volt power supply, fill the diesel tank, and the MediBurn is ready to use.



is a portable, small-batch incinerator that meets U.S. EPA requirements for burning non-hazardous refuse. Load a 55 gallon / 208 litre open head steel drum, light the load, and clamp on the lid. A whirlwind of fire and intense
heat is created inside the drum, burning refuse without smoke or smell. Once combustion is complete, only 3% ash remains.